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Harry and Sally both newly graduated from the University of Chicago, they were introduced by a

friend that shares a car trip from Chicago to New York, where they are both going to aspire after

distinction. During the trip, they discuss aspects of their characters and their lives. From the

beginning, they There was quite a heated discussion with the sparkle fly between the two about

the topic that Can men and women actually be friends? Eventually deciding it is impossible for

men and women to be "just friends." They arrive in New York and go their separate ways.  5years

later, they met again at airport as Harry was the political consulting and Sally was journalist.

Harry saw the scene that Sally had been kissing with her boyfriend but Sally acted as if she didnt

know Harry. Coincidentally, they were on the same flight and Harry reveals he is married. They

meet again at a bookstore five years after  that where Harry was haggard and reveals he is now

divorced. From that point on, the two form a friendship. Eventually their closeness results in their

respective best friends meeting and falling in love with each other. At a New Year's Eve party

Harry and Sally confront the complex tangle of emotions they feel for each other.



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ġ ڹ ڷ ڸ ׿ ȸѴ. ȣ (Ƽ ) Űϴ ظ . ׷ ظ 𸣴 ô Ѵ. ӰԵ Ÿ Ǿ ظ ȥ ҽ ˰ ǰ ٽ
λ ̷ ҿ ظ ٽ . ظ Ƴ ȥ ڿ. Ƴ ظ ó ǥ ǿ ¿ Ѵ. ̶ ģ Ǿ о ŻȰ ܷο ޷ָ . ο ڱ ģ Ұַ ξ. θ ȥ ʴ´
׷ ̴ Ҹ ߿ ȭ ظ θ. ̾ ȥ ҽ ˰Ե ׵ ô ߴ . θ ظ Ŵ޸ ڱ⵵ 𸣴 ̿ Ű ϰ ǰ Ʈ ȴ. ׷ װ ο ̳ ִٴ Ǽٰ ϰ ٽ ã´. Ȯε ߿ ظ Ѵٸ ȥѴ. ϰԲ ȥϴ ظ Ӵٰ Ҹġ鼭 Ҹ Բ ظ Ѵ.






12⵿, , ϰ ִ ִ θǽ ħ ȭ Ѵ.

θǶؼ ȯŸ θǽ , ٴ ġְ 뺯ѵ ȭ.


When I saw this movie, I really wasnt interested in this movie but after I analysis it, I

took account of this movie which is relationship, odd and subtle emotion between men

and women. The movie has touching dialogue and I really like the Harry and Sallys line.

Also, the movie o.s.t was really great.From beginning to end, the relationship between

men and women of trial and error that conflict, difference and misunderstanding during

12 years. I think this movie is a romance guide that applicable to in the present. Even

though the movie was not fantastic romance movie, its very realistic. It was well

represented mens feeling and womens feeling wittily.


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