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2014-12-24 am 9:20:00

V.C. 27360) All children under age 8 must be properly buckled into a safety seat or booster in the back seat.

Exceptions: A child who weighs more than 40 pounds and is riding in a car without lap and shoulder belts in the back seat may wear just a lap belt. A child under age 8 who is at least 4'9" may wear a safety belt if it fits properly. Children under age 8 may ride in the front if there is no forward-facing rear seat in the vehicle, the child restraint cannot be properly installed in rear seat, all rear seats are occupied by other children age 7 or under, or for medical reasons. A child in a rear-facing safety seat may not ride in front if there is an active passenger air bag.

40 pounds = 18.14 kg
4'9" = 145 cm
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2014-12-24 pm 1:19:00
둘 다 부스터 하면 돼요.
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2014-12-24 pm 5:24:00
미국에서는 모든 규정에 나오는것이 한국의 만나이 인거죠??? 2015년 한국나이로 9살 이거든요..
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